Overview of our system:

Your account consists of two websites.

The first is your affiliate site which you created when you first joined the

Log in page is 

You will log in here with your "USER NAME" (not your email address) and the password you used setting up your account. Once logged in you will see your personal URL link that you will share with potential customers.


The second website is your shopping cart. Your affiliate link when clicked, will redirect you, and your customers to the shopping cart. Your link passes a code to the shopping cart to track the order. After you or your customer completes the order, the shopping cart then passes the code and the order amount back to your affiliate page and creates the commission in a pending status. We generally approve those twice per day. You log into your shopping cart with the email address you set the shopping cart up with and the password you used.

NEW! We now offer you a personal SoyL Scents web page. This is included with the $4.95 "Affiliate Marketer" monthly option and with both the $13.98 and $24.98 auto ships.

This is a sample of a personal web page. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How do I contact home office?

A. Email us at or go to your shopping cart and complete a "contact us" form.

Q. How soon will my order ship?

A. It is our goal to ship all orders within 3 business days after the order is placed. However with over 1600 items in our product mix that is not always possible. Custom made items like eSCENTually for you candles, Gem Bombs have to be made for your order. Other things that may cause your order to be delayed are large quantities of a single item, large orders, and supply issues from vendors.


Q. How can I view my team members?

A. Once logged into your affiliate back office click on "General Statistic" and then on "Tier Statistics" In the left column you will see the user name of your 1st line downline. You may click on their user name to email them. If there is a + sign in the right hand column of your 1st level team member then you can click on it to show their 1st level affiliates.


Q. How do I add someone to my team?

A. Share your personal URL with them, when they click on your link and then select "Join My Team" and fill out the "Welcome Affiliate" page their account will be created under you.


Q. What do I do if someone joined and I do not see them on my team?

A. Send an email to with your full name and their full name, make sure the names are the same as what you both joined under.


Q. How do I cancel my auto ship payment and reduce my commission to 25% on referred retail orders?

A. Go to your PayPal account and click on "My Money" and then look for "My preapproved payments" and then cancel the profile for SoyLScents/SoyLicious

Q. I had a retail order placed from my URL and I have not received notificaton on the order, and/or I do not see it in my back office? 

A. You will not get notification on new orders until they are approved by the admin. Orders are generally approved twice per day. You can see pending orders for approval by going to your affiliate back office and under "Commissions" and then "Pending Approval". If you do not see it there and you have not received a notification of order received please email us at

We will be updating this page with more information in the near future!